A Message To Our Neighbors and Friends...

To everyone in our neighborhood that received a flyer recently warning you about our lifestyle and pointing you to our personal adult website, we sincerely apologize. We apologize that you were dragged into the middle of a dispute that you more than likely did not want to be involved with. More importantly, we apologize that you were pointed to a website that had some adult material with men in varying states of undress.

A former business partner of ours, Phillip Lawrence, thought that he would embarrass us by sharing this information with our neighbors. The unfortunate thing is that our neighbors did not want nor need to be brought into our dispute, and what he did was not only childish but rude and a nuisance. We are very sorry for the problems or concerns that this may have brought to our neighbors.

I think he thought we would be ashamed, but we are not embarrassed by the images we had on our website. While they were pictures of an adult nature, our images were legal and all participants were well over the legal age. Simply put, this website is a place for us to share with other adult men our interests and to share images of our playrooms, which many of our neighbors have already seen. There is nothing that we are trying to hide. Many of our neighbors who know us realize that while sex is a part of our lives that we embrace, it is not how we would define ourselves. In other words, it's just a piece of our lives not the definition of them.

When a neighbor came by that day to tell us what Phillip was doing with the flyers, our immediate concern was focused on making sure that our website was taken offline, not because of our content but because of the fact that with school being out for summer, there may be children who will see the flyer and try to access our site. While we do have a "Warning Page" when you visit our website, the only thing that prevents anyone from accessing our content is a simple click on the "Enter" button and they are directed to our photo gallery.

The site was taken down within a few hours. Phillip knew that we would do that which is why he archived the site on internetarchive.org. We contacted the people at this archive website and explained that the site was archived with malicious intent and we were able to have the content taken off of that site as well.

I am sure that many of you were able to identify the blatently obvious typo that was made on the flyer and work around it. Phillip was always known for his inability to re-read anything. Anyone who ever had to decipher any of his messages could tell you this fact. As such, he mistyped the website as internetachive.org which went to an error page. However, he did put our website name in correctly, at least, and many people did get to our website that way. In fact, we had 36 visitors that day which is well above our normal average of five.

We have temporarily taken this website's content offline because of all of the concerns mentioned above. For now we are putting this "open letter" to communicate our thoughts and apologies to anyone who was interested.

If after reading this, you still want to see our photo gallery, or if you have found this site on the internet, please know that we will be putting our content back online very soon. However, we want to let the dust settle for a bit. During this time we will be restructuring the layout of our website, something that we have wanted and needed to do for quite some time now. This will give us that opportunity.

For now, thank you for coming to visit our website. See you soon.

Once again, to all of you who were offended or upset because of this horrible act of spite, we apologize once again. We truly were the victims in this case, as were all of our neighbors who were dragged into this mess.

Did you see who distributed the flyers?

If you saw the people distributing these flyers, please contact us so that we can forward that information along to the police. You can email us at contact at kinkandraunchmen.com.